Your name is JADE HARLEY and you are a GIRL. You used to live on a REMOTE ISLAND with your GRANDPA and DOG, but those days are now over.

You still like to try and hold onto your VARIOUS INTERESTS, but it's become increasingly difficult ever since SBURB ended.

You are TWENTY-TWO now, and some of your habits have changed. You have a son named OLIVER, and he was born APRIL 19TH and you LOVE HIM MORE THAN ANYTHING You still SLEEP a lot even though you have trouble with it, but when you do you are prone to NIGHTMARES due to SBURB. You have also picked up TRAVELING as well as COOKING. You also have developed PTSD and a bit of a DEPENDENCY PROBLEM.

You go by the chumroll GARDENGNOSTIC.
(Indie Jade Harley RP account..)
Occasionally nsfw. Please visit about page before following.
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 #ooc  #i feel so out of place in the fandom for not liking davejohn  #i mean the art is awesome  #but i dont like the ship  #just the art
  1. randomegbert a dit : [[I don’t even understand where people get the idea from. they’ve never shown any romantic interest in each other. john has vriska and possibly rose into him, and there are clear signs dave likes jade and terezi. johndave uses shipper logic.]]
  2. typicalfuckass a dit : The art can be nice. But I don’t prefer it. There is other people i prefer both of them with
  3. gentlesupporter a dit : i don’t ship davejohn either. or really any slash anything even semi-canon ones like jake and dirk
  4. estrangedegbert a dit : ((i feel the same thing. don’t worry.))
  5. jadeinsleep a publié ce billet